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EU Olive Oil is a family business based in Reading, United Kingdom, founded in 2013 by Nicholas Nikolaou and Ioannis Avgerinos. EU Olive Oil is the owner of the Greek olive oil brand ‘Acropolis Olive Oil’ which is also a trade mark of the company.

We supply and bottle the highest quality olive oil possible for the retail sector right through to the food catering sector. We are also able to manufacture private label for customers that request this type of packaging. We are committed to providing the freshest tasting olive oils of the finest quality to all our customers around the world at a very competitive price. We do this by using our local knowledge and the decades of experience we have within the olive oil industry, and we can assure our customers’ expectations are fully met.



Acropolis Ultra Premium

Olive Oil

Acropolis Extra Virgin

Olive Oil

Acropolis Classic

Olive Oil

Acropolis Extra Virgin Olive Oil

With Natural CHILLI

Acropolis Extra Virgin Olive Oil

With Natural GARLIC

Acropolis Extra Virgin Olive Oil

With Natural BASIL

Acropolis Extra Virgin Olive Oil




Acropolis Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5L

Acropolis Olive Pomace Oil 5L


The harvest for our fresh olive oil starts in autumn in the beginning of the winter, which lasts for several weeks. The harvest is done by hand with special rake that pulls of the olives from the tree and drops them into a net which is then placed into sacks. As a result, the fruits are not getting bruised, something that leads to an extremely high quality final product just like range of Acropolis’s olive oils. The sacks are then transported to the olive oil mill on the same day of harvest.

At the mill the first process that takes place is the removal of the olive leafs and washing the olives. Then the crushing and the mixing of the olives is done by machine, traditionally by a hand mill made from a rolling stone. The next process is the separation of solid pomace and liquid constituents of the olives. Then the centrifugal separation of the liquid into virgin olive oil and vegetable water is done. Following on is the retention of the olive oil into tanks so that it clears by itself through natural sinking of the deposits. Then the filtration process occurs, which is done through filter paper, cleaning the final produce. Once completed the olive oil goes through to our quality control procedure and is sent for quality analysis to an independent party. Finally if the quality falls under our stands we then bottle it at our state of the art bottling plant and the final product is then shipped accordingly.


Our sister company in Greece that runs the bottling plant follows strictly with all European and international food safety and quality regulations. The factory has been accredited with ISO 22000:2005.

With state of the art machinery we can implement these procedures and maintain a highly sustainable business. All of our potential clients are always welcome to inspect the factory and see for themselves the food safety and machinery.


At EU Olive Oil a large part of our business comes from the exports of olive oils. By having the ability to supply bulk and pack according to our customer’s needs, gives our company a competitive advantage. We also have very close connections with some of the world’s largest shipping companies which give us the opportunity to enter all the markets around the globe.

Dealing international for many firms can be a tricky and a dangerous task, but with us you are in safe hands. We believe in trust and keeping a very good communication between each counterpart.

For more information regarding exports please do not hesitate in contacting us (Contact Us)

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